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Medication Adherence? Who Cares?

Medication Adherence , Who Cares?

Calling all Baby Boomers!  We all know who we are.    Anyone and everyone who has a loved one and has been dealing with on going hospital visits and medical non-adherence should care!  TabSafe is a medication solution. TabSafe helps maintain independence for the individual.  Safe and easy-to-fill and manage.   Data and reports are securely web-accessible via a phone line.  This device can be leased or sold to the patient.  Never have to run to the pharmacy multiple times a week for prescriptions. Holds up to 40 meds, including PRN’s (as needed). 30 -120 day supply.

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    • Rashad,
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About TabSafe

TabSafe is the easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications yet can accommodate even the most complex schedules. The security features and online reporting mean peace of mind for the user, family and caregivers. Improving medication adherence to over 96% leads to increased wellness and independence.