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What is TabSafe?

TabSafe is a personal medication management system that securely stores medications to be dispensed on a specific time schedule. TabSafe has been designed to reduce the most common medication errors, and therefore increase the wellness and independence of its users.

How does TabSafe work?

Medication cartridges can be filled by the individual or their family, caregivers, by certified pharmacies, or in collaboration with Home Care companies. The cartridges are then programmed with the times of day and dosage to be taken. When it is time to take medication or there are messages ready, TabSafe sends visual and audible reminders for medication adherence with verification of completion. TabSafe also provides three follow-up alerts at the time of noncompliance to prevent missing a medication.

Who should use TabSafe?

Anyone who takes medications that are important to their health and well-being. This includes seniors and anyone taking multiple medications that need to be taken at different times of the day.

Why should TabSafe be used?

51% of all prescription medication in the U.S. is taken incorrectly causing 125,000 deaths per year and 1,000,000 hospitalizations.

Among the elderly, non-adherence accounts for 30-40% of all hospital admissions.

These are preventable problems and TabSafe is the solution.

How can I get a TabSafe?

TabSafe has a network of distributors that offer 24/7 monitoring services and can answer questions about insurance reimbursement and rental options.

Contact Us or 877.700.8600 and we can determine if TabSafe is a good solution to your current medication challenge and let you know where it can be obtained.

Is TabSafe covered by insurance?

Currently a dozen or more state Medicaid programs cover monitored medication dispensing for their beneficiaries.

Commercial insurers have been slower to reimburse but are beginning to consider paying claims filed for telehealth and medication management.

What does TabSafe cost?

Many of our TabSafe users save money by moving into more independent settings saving as much as $2000 per month.

When monitored 24/7 by one of our experienced national distributors, the device rental and monthly service run below $100 per month.

Contact Us or call 877.700.8600 for more details.

What makes TabSafe unique?

TabSafe handles “As Needed” (PRN) meds and prevents overmedicating.

Interactive medication dose change or discontinuance when prescription changes

Maintains each medication’s inventory, automatic alerts for reorder, digitally downloads each transaction for reports and analysis. “When released, What med, quantity, Who released”

Web-accessible reports allow for the management of adherence to the medication regimen via any web browsing device.

Many different scheduling options including specific days of the week and and other unique dosing patterns.

Is TabSafe easy to use?

Yes. Simply fill medication cartridges, program cartridge schedules and messages, and respond to the visual and audible alerts. TabSafe has one button operation and all instructions are displayed on the large, high-contrast LCD screen, in readable text.

How is TabSafe programmed?

TabSafe is programmed on our secure website Enter all scheduling information for medication cartridges and messages and download to the TabSafe.

How will my loved one know when to take medication?

TabSafe presents visual and audible signals when medications and messages are ready. Instructions appear on the screen to press the button to receive available messages and to release medications into the medication drawer.

How do I know my loved one has taken his/her medicine?

TabSafe generates three follow up alert phone calls when medication is not taken or messages are not acknowledged. No need to call and remind a loved one to take medication. The TabSafe system can call you if they do not. In addition, adherence reports can be viewed at any time via our secure website

Is TabSafe tamper proof?

Yes. Medication cartridges are kept behind a locked door for privacy and security. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) can also be added to all operations or specific operations for extra security.

What if someone forgets to take medication? Will it double dose?

No. Missed medication is held in the cartridge until the next time that medication dose is programmed to be ready. In addition, TabSafe will not allow the release of medication too close to the next programmed dose.

What if my loved one will be away and they want to take the medication with them?

TabSafe has an Advance Medication feature, which allows the advance of up to seven days worth of medication.


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About TabSafe

TabSafe is the easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications yet can accommodate even the most complex schedules. The security features and online reporting mean peace of mind for the user, family and caregivers. Improving medication adherence to over 96% leads to increased wellness and independence.