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Individual Care

Benefits for Users and Caregivers

  • Maintains independence and dignity
  • Facilitates remote caregiving
  • Notifies caregivers before problems develop
  • Eliminate the caregivers’ need for constant phone calls
  • Peace of mind for family members
  • Supports better healthcare outcomes


TabSafe is an easy-to-use, in-home medication dispensing device. It organizes the medications, reminds the user to take them at the prescribed times, drops them in a cup, and makes three follow phone calls before a dose time is missed.  The device provides information on the user’s adherence and inventory through reports that are securely accessible online.  TabSafe is improving medication adherence to over 96% (national average 49%).  TabSafe frees up caregiving time, increasing the predictability of medication availability, and improving medication adherence.

Trying to take the right pill at the right time, multiple times per day, can be challenging, confusing, and dangerous.  Underuse, overuse or misuse of medications leads to poor health outcomes and increases the risk for emergency room visits and hospitalization.  It is estimated that this problem accounts for 10% of all hospitalizations but almost 40% of hospitalizations in the elderly. Our focus is the health, safety and peace of mind of our users and their families.  TabSafe helps maintain their independence by improving the management of their medications.  In doing this, we also assist caregivers, whether professionals or family-members, by providing them with the tools, both hardware and software, to help reduce their caregiving burden and provide needed peace of mind.


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About TabSafe

TabSafe is the easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications yet can accommodate even the most complex schedules. The security features and online reporting mean peace of mind for the user, family and caregivers. Improving medication adherence to over 96% leads to increased wellness and independence.