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Boosting Medication Adherence with TabSafe

August 25, 2012

Health care is consuming an ever-greater percentage of the nation’s GDP – and efforts to control and curtail growth continue to confound policy makers, health care providers, payers, and consumers. Patients with the greatest number of chronic conditions, everyone agrees, consume a disproportionate and growing percentage of those costs. In fact, the cost of managing those patients with the most complex medical conditions is projected to be on an accelerating growth trajectory, particularly among older populations…

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Home Telehealth: What Is It? 

AgeTech of California, April 2012

As recently defined by the Telehealth Advancement Act of 2011 in Section 2290.5 of the California Business and Professions Code, “telehealth” means “the mode of delivering health care services and public health via information and communication technologies to facilitate the diagnosis, consultation, treatment, education, care management, and self-management of a patient’s health care while the patient is at the originating site and the health care provider is at a distant site. Telehealth facilitates patient self-management and caregiver support for patients and includes synchronous interactions and asynchronous store and forward transfers.”

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Calibrated Care is Closer to Home:

Laurie Orlov, April 2012

The one consensus about health care is that its cost growth is unsustainable: according to some estimates, reaching $2.6 trillion in 2010 or 17.9% of GDP, expected to reach 19.8% by 2020 or $4.64 trillion.1 Despite the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill in 2010, there is still little general agreement on how to contain costs overall. But some consumers and providers are finding ways to get or deliver care outside of the walls of the doctor’s office and emergency room. Today home monitoring and telehealth technology markets, self-care technologies, retail clinics, and use of online websites help individuals and caregivers to manage chronic disease. The key to managing health and disease as well as the cost of care is matching the right level of care, including use of technology, at the right time and right place. This is called Calibrated Care. By 2020, we believe providers and patients will willingly participate in a process of calibrated care through lower-cost, technology-enabled and closer-to home interactions.

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Technologies for Optimizing Medication Use in Older Adults

Center for Technology & Aging, September 2011

Medication use is ubiquitous among older adults, with 90% of older adults using one or more prescription medications per week.2 While medications are widely appreciated, commonly used, and help many older adults lead longer, healthier, and more productive lives, there is still great room for improvement in medication use.

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