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We need more clear communication to caregivers!

Good Afternoon,

Went to a conference in Denver today regarding “Cultivating the Network of Care; A Learning Series from Healthy Transitions Colorado.”   Many different speakers!

Cultivating the focus with preventative solutions and community involvement  with care in America.  The need for  more education and clear communication is crucial to caregivers, their primary care physicians,  social workers, discharge planners, wellness coaches and counseling to help with patients living and managing a chronic illness and or disease in cities and rural areas of  Colorado.  

But Medical Adherence is the key to living and enjoying the rest of your life, hence TabSafe!


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TabSafe is the easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications yet can accommodate even the most complex schedules. The security features and online reporting mean peace of mind for the user, family and caregivers. Improving medication adherence to over 96% leads to increased wellness and independence.