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Monthly archive for June 2015

Tab Safe & Stay Independent

Thank you for all your comments.  The support is wonderful. TabSafe is a great product and Stay Independent is another option for those baby boomers – parents wanting to stay in their home and get a personal phone call from a love one (voice recorded)  reminding to take your

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We need more clear communication to caregivers!

Good Afternoon, Went to a conference in Denver today regarding “Cultivating the Network of Care; A Learning Series from Healthy Transitions Colorado.”   Many different speakers! Cultivating the focus with preventative solutions and community involvement  with care in America.  The need for  more education and clear communication is crucial to caregivers, their primary care physicians,  social

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What is Medication Adherence?

What is Medication Adherence? Medication adherence occurs when a patient takes their medications according to the prescribed dosage, time, frequency, and direction.  A breakdown in any one of these elements has the potential to result in unanticipated side effects and complications. Studies show that: Half of all

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Got A Complicated Medication Regiment?

Stay Independent formally, Monitor My Meds records and delivers to the recipient’s telephone personalized healthcare messages such as medication reminders, wellness calls, healthcare appointments, perscription refills, and requests an acknowledgement or sends an email or text message to the caregiver if no acknowledgement. Why is adherence such

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Easy-To-Install And Daily Use Medication Dispenser

Easy Installation and daily use: When a medication is due, an alarm reminds the user to press the blue button which triggers the medication to dispense into a drawer. Medications can be loaded either by a caregiver, pharmacist or user into four individual or multi-dose cassettes.  It

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Secure Automatic Pill Dispenser

Good Afternoon TabSafe! TabSafe  Easy installation, flexible, safe and secure. What more could you want? TabSafe is designed as a secure, locking unit. Each individual medication cassette remains secure until TabSafe unit is unlocked for reloading.  The dispensing drawer also remains locked until the actual release of

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Automatic Pill Dispensary for Patients With Multiple Medications

Medical Adherence is so important, especially folks with chronic debilitating illness and diseases.  Many are on multiple medications!  It’s tough to find containers to hold more than a weeks worth of medication.  Transplant patient’s sometimes need a tackle box just to keep up with their schedules and

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2 Ways To Keep Medication Adherence On Track

TabSafe is a wonderful way to keep all your medications in one place.  The TabSafe device knows  what medication is in the machine and what times to take your meds.  When the machine is  ready to dispense, just push the blue button! 🙂 Stay Independent formally “monitor

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TabSafe Is A Wonderful Way To Have Some Individual Freedom

TabSafe is a wonderful way to have some individual freedom.  Monitor my Meds “Stay Independent” is another was to enjoy your freedom. Let’s start today!  

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Never Look At Your Watch Again!

Once your  TabSafe device is in your life, you will not have to be constantly looking at your watch to remind yourself when your next medication dose is.  The TabSafe device will let you know.  Your medical doctor and or medical professional will be pleased that you are adhering to his/her instructions regarding your

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